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Related post: Date: book for pre teen Fri, 4 Jun 2010 15:53:34 +0000 (GMT) From: Susan Edwards Subject: lesbian urinationThis story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a daughter and two women. If this type of content offends pre teens nude underage you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.for comments and feed back email me Paulas discovery chapter one Paula sat at her laptop, needing to transfer some cash using her online banking facility to cover her bills. She fumed as once again her internet connection failed. Picking up her paperwork pre teen model galleries she stomped upstairs to her daughters room and switched pre teen rape video on the pc she had bought her 12 year old daughter for christmas. She managed to do her banking without anymore fuss and decided to take a look at what her daughter had been doing on her computer. Paula opened up Amy's email. Most of what asian girl pre teen she read was normal messages to and from her school friends. But a few caught her eye as they were from one of Paulas own old school friends. Why would Anne be emailing her daughter? Paula opened up one of the newest emails "Hello my little one. I hope you enjoyed our last session as much as I did. Im starting pre teen hot models not to feel so guilty about our fun and enjoy it more ,my self. Im just so sorry that free pre teenie nudists I cannot bring myself to break that taboo you keep asking for im just not ready for that. Until our next young pre teenporn session love mistress Anne" Paula was aghast, just what was happening between pre teen nudity pictures Amy and her pthc pre teens so called s mistress? Paula spent the next few hours going through the emails, reading what had been sent back and forwards between her daughter and this 45 year old so called school friend of paulas. Shocked and in tears Paula took herself onto her bed for a cry. Eventually she drifted off to sleep and was amazed to find her fingers in her panties when she woke, slick with her own juices. How could she wake up horny after what she had read? she wondered. She took herself back to Amy's room and turned the pc back on. This time she looked at her daughters surfing history. Paula soon found plenty of lesbian story sites that Amy had been looking at but the one that stood out first was pre teen models naked a site named Mistress Annes realm. Paula nervously clicked on the site. "Wow" she thought seems like her friend had a nice little sideline going. The opening screen showed her friend dressed in a leather basque, panties stockings and thigh high boots and pre teen nudist pics her long hair pulled up severely. It also sid that Mistress Anne was a professional dominatrix and listed her services. "mmmmm" Paula thought to herself "she kinda looks hot". Paula had only had a few fumbles in her youth with girls and she remembered those times fondly but had just put it down to youthful experimation and never took it further. Paula was surprised to find her fingers stroking her pussy as she looked at various pictures of Mistress Anne. She needed to think, she lay on her daughters bed. For one thing,she thought she needed to know what was happening between her daughter and her friend. But as she lay there her fingers rubbing her clit the idea of seeing her friend in the flesh dressed as Mistress Anne became a priority for her, old feelings began models pre teen nude to resurface and her own needs sadly neglected after the death of Amy's father, drove Paula to a massive orgasm. As she came down a plan began to form in her mind. She knew she angels pre teen thumbs had to find out what was going on between Mistress Anne and her daughter. Her daughter was the most important thing to her and so was her happiness. If Mistress Anne was harming her daughter or abusing her she needed to know. But Paula felt pre teen fre that she would love to see her friend in all her fetish Mistress gear. She went back to underground pre teen nude her daughters pc and opened up the pre teens ls email account. free sex pre teen Paula quickly wrote a message, following a template of one of the other emails Amy had sent to Mistress Anne. "Dear Mistress I cannot wait to see you again are you free tomorrow morning around 9.30 if so I will skip school and you can write me out another letter for school xxxxx Amy" Paula just hoped she would get a reply before Amy got home from school. She took herself for a good soak in the bath her mind full of what would happen in the next 24 hours. When she got out of the bath she was delighted to see that Mistress Anne had replied to say that 9.30 was good for her and that she too was looking forward to seeing her. Paula had to make sure that Amy couldn't talk with Mistress Anne in the meantime so she took the fuse out of the plug on the modem in pre teen free pics Amy's room, she also planned to hide Amys mobile phone too. When Amy came home Paula sneaked into her bag and took out her mobile and hid nonude pre teens it they had tea and Amy moaned that she couldn't get online pre teen lesbos Paula told her that there must be a problem with the phone line. Amy went out with her friend and her mother photos pre teens to the cinema leaving Paula alone and scared of the next days events. Paula took out her laptop and logged into one pre teen daughter porn of the lesbian story sites her daughter had been looking at. Could Amy really be a lesbian surely not at her young age, but what else could these sessions be between Mistress Anne and Amy? Paula wondered. She drew her attention back to the story site, Paula started to click at random at some of the pre teenie vids stories and could feel herself get hotter and wetter as she read some of them she read one about incest which she found stimulating and then she found one about lesbian domination which she printed off. Paula logged into Mistress Annes site and found her favourite picture of her home made pre teen friend as she read the story she imagined being submissive to her friend and kept looking at her picture. She took the story up to her room to read again later and quickly showered before Amy came home and smelled her mothers juices. The next morning Paula awoke beaded with sweat and so nervous of what may happen that day. She woke Amy and pre teen girlsex made her breakfast before returning to her room to choose her clothes and run a bath. She kissed Amy good bye and waved her off to school and watched through her bedroom window as the school bus took her daughter to school. Paula threw off her satin dressing gown and jumped into her bath she knew that in an hour she would be nervously knocking on Anne's door. She took care in shaving her legs before getting out and applying her make up. As soon as she was satisfied she took her stockings and slipped her smooth legs into them,these she attached to a suspender belt and put on her matching bra and silky panties in a heavenly green satin. Next she took her sheer white satin blouse, sheer tgp pre teen enough to show her bra off underneath and so sexy to touch. The next choice was harder she did want to wear her black satin pencil skirt but felt it was to much with the satin hot pre teen pics of her blouse so instead she slipped into her leather skirt which finished a few inches above her pre teen fucking porn knees. She slipped on a matching jacket in the same soft black leather and put on her four inch heels. Looking in her full length mirror she was pleased with the look, she looked business like but still sexy. She quickly drove to Anne's house parking just around the corner. Paula could feel her heart beating the next hour or two could either be a disaster or she could have the time of her life she thought to herself. looking at her watch she saw she was five minutes late "now or never" she said to herself and got out pre teen masturbation clips of her car . Paula walked the short distance to Anne's home. Counting to ten and taking a deep breath she knocked on Anne's door. The door slowly opened to reveal Anne in a long leather coat with boots clearly showing underneath. "Surprised" Paula said watching the look of shock on Anne's face. Anne nervously looked up and down her street before ushering in Paula. "Looks like you were expecting somebody else I wonder who that could be eh Anne love the outfit by the way" pre teen girl topless Anne led the way into her large kitchen she offered and made Paula a cup of tea before sitting opposite Paula at the large pine table "So what brings you here then Paula" Taking her time whilst watching Annes face redden Paula replied. "Well im sure you have a good idea of why im here don't you or do you usually where a long leather coat and boots to do your housework" Anne nodded " I always knew this day was hottest pre teen babe coming, please believe me though it was never my doing, I was blackmailed into this" Paula laughed at her, nude pre teen archive "what blackmailed by a kds models pre teen 12 year old girl, I don't think so" Annes head was bent in shame "I know it pre teen sites xxx sounds stupid but Amy had found my website and told me she would tell everybody, you and all of our friends what I've been pre teen supermodel model doing for a living. I was in so much debt I danish pre teens models couldn't afford to stop so I just had to allow her to experiment with her needs" With dread Paula asked the question she was intrigued about the most."And just what is my daughters needs, and how has all this started" Anne stood up and paced around her kitchen. Her heels clacking on the tiled floor "Well it appears that Amy has a close friend at school,they started to play around abit at first then got abit more serious. A little like you and I at her age Paula. Well Amy got interested in her feelings and decided to look on the internet to make her a better lover with her friend Susan. Amy has just got abit carried away with it all and wants to try everything. She started reading stories about lesbianism and her pre teen pedo fuck quest for knowledge has lead her to get interested in domination and then she found my site. The rest I've already told you". Anne moved behind Paula putting her hands on her shoulders. "Please believe me I never wanted to hurt you or spoil our friendship, far from it and if I felt I had any other option I would never have indulged Amy in the delights of sub dom" She kissed the top of Paula's head. pre teen flashers "If anything positive had come out of this Paula it would have been my refound interest in lesbian sex and my feelings for you. But I guess thats all out of the window now" Paula thought for a moment. Had her friend really done anything wrong as such, what would she have done in the same circumstances? It seemed Amy was not as innocent as she looked. pre teen kiddy pron Paula decided that was something to deal with later. She moved her hands on top of Annes. Again taking a deep breath she unfolded her feelings to Anne. "Well you can guess how upset I was when I found all Amy's lesbian stuff on her pc, And how upset I was with at video pre teen defloration first. But then looking at your pics and reading a few of the stories. gay pre teen porn I must admit I got quite turned on and remembered nn pre teen index our times together" Anne pre teen porn photo took her chance she moved her hand down pre teen handjob under Paula's leather jacket, touching her friends breasts through nude pre teen pic the satin of her blouse. She bent around and kissed Paulas neck. "And what is it you want Paula darling". hot pre teenes galeri nasty pre teen Part 2 Paula lay back in sexy pre teen girls her steaming bath, the hot water stinging then soothing the marks left on her body from mistress Anne's riding crop. She could also feel the butt plug still in her bottom placed there lovingly by her mistress as a reminder of the days events. She remembered as her friend and mistress slid the plug in and rubbed her clit, that they had talked about Paula coming over to watch her daughter serve mistress Anne. All it would take was a black pre teen porn text fom Paula to Anne to set the ball rolling. Paula held her phone in her pre teen porno foto hand, was she ready for this, to pre teens boys nude watch from a hidden room, her daughter perform for her best friend ? And then what where would things gay pre teens end up, was she ready for that journey ?. Paula thought about it for a moment then sent the text fuelled by the horniness she felt coarsing through her. pre teen nude samples Moments later she heard Amy's phone receive a text. A few minutes Paula received a text back from Anne, it was on Amy had swallowed the bait. The next morning Paula awoke heavily turned on, she had fallen asleep reading more of the lesbian stories from the site Amy had been looking at. So many of the stories were running around her head the domination ones the incest ones each had contributed to a very big orgasm the previous night. Paula enjoyed the brief pain as she pulled out her butt plug, she used the toilet and jumped in her shower soaping herself down,enjoyed the hot spray on her naked body. Her whole body seemed more alive than it had been for a long time. She stepped out of the shower drying herself off before cleaning the butt plug. She had really been surprised how a piece of rubber had made her feel world pre teen sex so hot and naughty. Taking some hand lotion she greased it up before attempting to put it back in its rightful place. It took Paula three attempts to get it in and immediatly she felt herself moisten. She dressed and nude pre teen pics gave Amy a shake alledgedly to get up for school. Soon Amy was off to school and Paula ordered a taxi as she didn't want Amy to spot her car later. While she waited she fixed her make up going for a sexy but severe look. Paula stepped out of the cab and knocked on her friends door. Anne opened it and ushered Paula inside. Anne lead Paula to her bedroom where she opened a large wardrobe. Paula was amazed at the variety on fetish clothing Anne had clothing and boots in leather pvc and vinyl lesbian pre teen hung neatly. Paula couldn't help looking closely and touching the materials. "Wow these clothes are just so sexy Anne, pre teen euro models Ive missed out on so much, Im nervous, excited and a little confused but I feel so alive, more than I've felt for years. This time yesterday I didn't know petite pre teen whether to hate you or fall in love with you". "I understand Paula, It couldn't have been easy. But I hope you find true happiness from what your going through at the moment. Now let us get dressed and ready". Anne told Paula to strip and admired her friends body as she watched. When she spotted Paula still had the butt plug in she couldn't help than give it a few taps which made Paula gasp in delight. The two women kissed and cuddled their naked breasts mashing pre pre teen models against each others in their passion. Looking at the clock Anne broke the embrace and handed Paula her outfit for the day. Paula discovered it was a bra and pantie and suspender set all in black pvc she quickly slipped it on and topped it off with a fully fashioned stockings and a pvc tiny pre teen porn jacket knee high boots completed the look. pre teen girl panty Paula pulled her hair up tying it up severely at the back. She looked at herself in the mirror and was delighted with the result. Paula's next task was to help her mistress dress. Anne pulled a leather outfit off the rails which nymphets pre teen she stepped into. It was a leg less suit which zipped up the front from under her ass and zipped all the way up a few buckles on the front were next and Paula helped Anne do these up and adjust her breasts in it correctly. Paula hymen pre teen was then responsible in rolling mistresses hold up stockings up her legs and then putting Anne's feet in the leather knee boots. Anne then herself pulled up her hair into a pony ls pre teen models tail. "Right nearly ready just one thing pre teen thumbs free first pull your panties down bitch" Paula complied at once, she felt Anne pulling out the butt tiny young pre teen plug she cleaned Paula's bottom with a wet wipe before inserting a ball the butt plug was then reinserted. Another ball was placed inside Paula's pussy. Anne pulled Paulas pvc panties back up. "Now Paula these balls are connected to a remote control which I have, at times I will turn them on. Now you remember what to pre teen girls underwear do if you do decide to join us, just send me a text" Anne lead Paula back into the bedroom and turned on two tvs connected to cameras pre teen hard pics in her dungeon. video pre teen Just before she left Anne gave the vibrating balls a quick buzz and smiled at Paulas surprised expression. A few minutes later pre teen site groupsmsncom Paula heard the doorbell ring, pre teen girls sexy must be Amy she thought. Anne appeared on the monitors sitting on her throne in the dungeon. Paula was growing pre teen modeling underwear impatient to see Amy arrive she took a good deep breath as her daughter walked into the dungeon. Paula thought Amy looked stunning she was dressed in a latex dress in a burgundy brown colour her feet in matching heels. Paula was amazed at how the latex fitted her body and what a figure her daughter had. Amy walked towards mistress Anne and went on her knees. Without needing to be asked she bent and kissed mistress Annes boots. She began to lick the boots clean. When she was pre teen fucked raped finished Amy squatted on her haunches head bowed infront of mistress model pre teen pic Anne. "Good slut you have done well, lift your head for your collar" Amy did as she was asked and mistress Anne fitted a leather dog pre teen naked children collar around Amys neck. A leash was attached to pre teen asian porn the collar and amy was lead to a frame on the wall. Amy's wrists and ankles were attached to the frame in an x shape. Anne reached into her pocket and set Paulas vibrating balls to a low throb. Turning back to Amy she peeled down the top of the latex dress exposing pre teen chat her budding breasts. Anne pinched Amy's nipples quiet hard.and Paula was proud of her daughter for taking the pain well, with just a small wimper. Anne did the same again pre teen sex chat but this time gave quite a twist with it, Amy gasped out loud for which mistress Anne gave Amy's breast nudes pre teens a good hard slap. Paula was transfixed with the scene unfolding in front of her and the balls throbbing inside her. She gay pre teen sex began to touch her own breasts through the pvc bra. Mistress Anne took a pair of nipple clamps and attached them to Amy's nipples. Paula watched Amy's face contort with pain as the clamps were tightened and a tear appear in her eye, but after abit of panting Amy lifted her head apparently now adjusted to the pain. Paula's vibrating balls were adjusted a notch higher by Mistress Anne and she could feel her juices pool inside the plastic panties she was wearing. Amy was bent over by her mistress,the weights swinging and pulling on Amys young busty pre teens breasts as mistress Anne picked up a paddle. Amy's hands were placed on free pre teen xxx the back of a chair and the bottom of the latex dress was pulled up exposing her bottom. Mistress Anne lifted her arm and brought down the paddle with a resounding smack. Again and again the paddle was brought down until Amy's bottom turned a lovely pink the nipple clamps swinging back and forth throughout pre teen glamour the onslaught. Paula was close to orgasm the scene before her brought out her mothering instincts, she wanted to comfort her daughter. But had also made her extremely horny. The sight of her daughter dressed so sluttily and taking her punishment was over whelming. Paula picked up her phone and sent a text to mistress. She watched as mistress Anne put a blindfold on Amy and told her that she had a very nice surprise awaiting her. Paula took her cue and walked down to the dungeon. Anne motioned her to pull off the pvc panties and sit in the throne seat. Paulas heart pounded in anticipation could she really go through with this? Amy was lead to her right between her legs "now Amy you pedos porn pre teen can probably smell A very wet pussy infront of you lick it for me". Amy stuck out her tongue and found her mothers girl model pre teen wet pussy "take out the vibrating ball Amy and suck it clean". Amy pre teen boy fucking did pre teen sex bbs as she was told and then began to give her mother a thorough tongueing. Just as Paula began to build nude pre teen porn into her orgasm mistress Anne reached for Amy's blindfold. She tore it away and Amy looked up straight into her mothers eyes. They were both frozen for a moment as they worked out in their minds whether this was an pre teen pictures girls ok situation to be in. Amy got over it first gallery pre teen by sticking her tongue back into Paula's pussy. Paula could see the pleasure in Amy's eyes as she was licking her out. Mistress Anne turned the remaining ball up to maximum, Paula squirmed in her seat, the anal pleasure as well as Amy's tongueing was driving her blonde gay pre teen over the edge, she came hard and even squirted all over Amy's face. Mistress Anne turned off the ball and let Paula come down from her orgasm. Paula was taken over to a table and stripped, she was tied down facing upwards. She watched as mistress Anne had Amy undress her. Anne then straddled Paula's face lowering her pussy to paula's mouth. "Now bitches you may both lick a hole each". Amy moved up by Paula's head and held open her mistresses bottom cheeks. Paula watched as her daughter stuck her tongue out and began to lick Anne's brown hole. "Oh my god how can she do such a filfty act" she wondered. Paula began to tongue her mistress whilst pre teens girls nude watching her daughter tongue Anne's dark hole. With the taste of her mistresses pussy and watching Amy's filthy act Paula's pussy began to itch and juice up. Something she could do nothing about as she was tied so securely, if her hands were free she knew they would fly straight down young modles pre teen to her pussy. "Amy finger my filthy ass" Anne instructed, Paula watched Amy lick her finger and push it against Anne's puckered hole. Amy pushed in and out until her finger was fully in she then pulled her finger out and licked another finger, before long she had two fingers gliding in and out of her mistresses ass. Paula was getting so turned on at the filthy display unfolding above her eyes blog pre teen nude she wondered how it would feel to have her daughters fingers invade herself like that. Soon Amy had four fingers pumping in and out of Anne's ass. Mistress Anne was soon cooing with pleasure,her pussy dancing around on Paula's tongue. Mistress Anne gave a loud gasp of pleasure as Amy finally added her thumb to the mix and began sliding her fist in and out of her mistress. "Yes slut fuck your mistress, make my ass cum with pleasure". Paula could feel her juices running and pooling under her ass, as she watched the depraved act. She was amazed at how deep Amy's wrist was going into her mistress. She could feel drops of moisture from her mistress's pussy and ass landing on her face. Finally Mistress Anne began to buck and cum long and hard. Paula thought at one stage that she would break Amy's arm with her frantic motions. Suddenly Paula felt and saw Mistress Anne begin to piss. Paulas eyes stung with the hot liquid and although she tried to stop it some entered her mouth. She thought it bitter but not to bad a taste. She thought about how slutty she must look hair all covered and matted with her mistress's juices and piss and that thought brought her off too. The women disengaged themselves and showered together. They reassembled for a drink in Anne's lounge Amy sitting one her mothers lap. Paula holding her close. They talked and agreed that the afternoons events had been good fun all round. Just pre teen flowers before they parted Mistress Anne gave them both a present when they opened it the mother and daughter found matching butt plugs, Amy's was smaller but both of them had a free pre teen fuck curious spiral design of ribs running along there lengths. Mother and daughter were bent over Annes kitchen table and lube was applied to them both as the butt plugs were screwed into the two asses on display. Anne then used a riding crop on the two bottoms giving six of the best to both. Clothes were pulled up pre teen models cp and Mistress Anne kissed them both on their way. Anne wondered what would happen next in this most pre teen nudist girls exciting and interesting twist of fate. As paula walked Amy to her car she two wondered how her new relationship with her daughter and best friend would develop. pre teen lesbian sex
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